Located in the heart of the Region Center Val de Loire in proximity to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics large poles, the microbiology laboratory, animated by pharmacists and scientist specialists, brings their know-how and experience of over 20 years serving the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries.

1990 : Creation of the ACM (Analyses et Conseils Microbiologiques)specialising in microbiology and food hygiene, founded by Martine Ferchal-Petat and Eric Petat.

1991: Development of microbiological activities in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

1994: Relocation of ACM to new building situated at 30, 32 avenue du 21 août 1944.

1998: Division of the agro-food and pharmaceutical activities split into two companies: ACM Agro and ACM Pharma becomes the privileged partner of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

1998: Acquisition of the company UPS Consultants specialised in training and in the areas of ultra-cleanliness.

2000: Relocation of ACM Pharma to new laboratories at 34 Avenue du 21 août 1944.

2003: Opening of the F02/115 pharmaceutical establishment.

2006: Expansion of the company's building 36 avenue du 21 août 1944.

2010: Expansion of laboratories by the recovery of the ACM Agro building, who relocated to the new site at Quiers sur Bezonde (45) for a total surface of approximately 2000m² including 1200m² dedicated to laboratories.

2011: Accreditation COFRAC no.1-2351 (range available on according to ISO1725.

2014: CEBIPHAR joins ACM PHARMA in Teranga Group.