The aim of biocide activity test is to determine the capacity or not of a product (antiseptic, disinfectant surface/hand) to cause a logarithmic reduction desired at a given time in defined conditions (T°C, interfering substances, support, etc.).

The tests are conducted in accordance to the reference standards in force:

  • Determination of bactericidal, fungicidal or yeasticidal activity of antiseptic medicinal products (5.1.11)
  • Bactericidal activity (Phase 1 - Phase 2, Step 1) : NF EN 1040, NF EN 1276, NF EN 13727

  • Fongicidal and/or levuricidal activity (Phase 1 - Phase 2, Step 1) : NF EN 1275, NF EN 1650, NF EN 13624

  • Non-porous surface quantitative assay: NF EN 13697, NF EN 14561, NF EN 14562, NF EN 14563

  • Test surfaces according to the standard NF EN 13697 for the validation of the effectiveness of disinfectants in conditions "in-use" : the test is carried out on your environmental strains and on your surfaces (for example: stainless steel, glove, ground, wall, ceiling, PVC, Carter machine)

  • Antimicrobial activity of surfaces (non-porous) according to ISO 22196 and NF S 90-700

  • Sporicidal activity: NF EN 14347, NF EN 13704, NF EN 17126 (Clostridium difficile)

  • Mycobactericidal activity: NF EN 14348

  • Virucidal activity: EN 14476 (in partnership)