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FONDEREPHAR: Foundation for the Development of Pharmaceutical Research

FONDEREPHAR develops, validates and carries out microbiology, virology and cell culture tests.

Our partnership covers industries in the (bio)pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and other healthcare sectors, as well as manufacturers of hygiene products, antiseptics and disinfectants.

Our missions include carrying out tests, advice and expertise.

We support our customers in the choice of tests to be developed/carried out during the development of their products.

Our research and development objective is reflected in scientific dissemination with a number of our partners: communications at conferences and scientific publications.

The FONDEREPHAR Laboratory is dedicated to :

  • Carrying out tests in accordance with current standards (NF-EN-ISO) as part of its accreditation programme.
  • Developing protocols and validating customised tests in microbial engineering and cell culture.
  • Strong involvement in national and international standards work: AFNOR T72Q – CEN/TC 216

Probiotics and cellular interactions

Detection and identification of microaerophilic and strict anaerobic flora, cell culture and immune responses.

Antiseptic & disinfectant testing – microbiology

Antiseptic and disinfectant activity test (standardized tests or according to your own protocols)

Antiseptic & disinfectant testing – virucidal activity

Antiseptic and disinfectant activity test (standardized tests or according to your own protocols)


MIC / MBC on active ingredients of natural origin, preservatives.


In partnership with the Industrial Microbiology Laboratory (UMR 5503) at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Toulouse, we have developed tools for studying microbial biofilms.

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