Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water

Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water.

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Water purification systems can potentially harbor many bacteria or impurities, seriously compromising the qulity of the end product. They must be checked to verify the qulity of the water produced.
ACM Pharma ensures the quality control and qualification of your water production and purification systems purified, highly purified, PPI, reverse osmosis or network) :

  • Enumeration of total viable aerobic bacteria according to Ph Eur – Method by filtration on R2A medium
  • Research Coliforms, Pseudomas sp, Eschericchia coli, Burkholderia cepacia
    Measurement of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and oxidizable substances
  • Conductivity measurement
  • Limit test for nitrates and heavy metals
  • Determination of bacterial endotoxins
  • Network water and drinkability according to the Decree of January 21, 2010: Microorganisms that can be revived at 22 ° and 36 ° C, E. coli, Coliforms, Intestinal enterococci, ASR spore, Pseudomonas aeruginosa
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A team of engineers and pharmacists specializing in microbiology.


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The possibility of testing your environmental strains or of industrial interest stored in the laboratory.


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A customer portal for monitoring tests and analyzing trends.

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