The rapid evolution of regulations, in particular restrictions relating to antimicrobial preservatives, associated with a growing requirement of microbiological safety of cosmetic products is causing profound changes in production processes and the taking into account of new practices in the industrial sector of cosmetic. In order to meet these expectations, ACM Pharma provides high added value services in terms of responsiveness, reliability and skills.

The microbiological analyzes of cosmetic products offered by ACM Pharma include the control:

  • Finished products
  • Intermediate and bulk products
  • Raw materials and ingredients
  • Of the production environment and utilities (water, compressed air)

Microbial identification

For a good control of your microbiological contaminations you are looking for : An efficient identification...

Microbial contamination

Development, validation, transfer, method applicability and microbiological control of raw materials, bulks...

Probiotics and cellular interactions

Detection and identification of microaerophilic and strict anaerobic flora, cell culture and immune responses.


Measure the antimicrobial preservation effectiveness of your formulations.

Rapid Microbiological Methods

Development, validation, transfer, applicability of methods and microbiological control in rapid and alternative methods.

Antiseptic & disinfectant testing – microbiology

Antiseptic and disinfectant activity test (standardized tests or according to your own protocols)

Antiseptic & disinfectant testing – virucidal activity

Antiseptic and disinfectant activity test (standardized tests or according to your own protocols)

Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water

Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water

Cleaning validation

Overall control of the cleaning and disinfection processes of your premises and equipment...

Environmental monitoring

In partnership with UPS Consultants, ACM Pharma offers you a wide choice of environmental tests and analyzes...


MIC / MBC on active ingredients of natural origin, preservatives.


In partnership with the Industrial Microbiology Laboratory (UMR 5503) at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Toulouse, we have developed tools for studying microbial biofilms.

Physico-chemical analyzes

Each preservative system or solar filter can be used at a certain concentration whose limit is...

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