Molecular biology and biotesting

Reference partner of the bio/pharmaceutical industry for the control of contamination our objective is to bring you the best adapted solutions for each stage of your development, validation, suitability and/or QC test of Raw material, Drug substance or Drug Product.


Tailor-made support

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Our expertise and our latest generation equipment allow us to carry out many biotesting methods (molecular biology, immunoessay) on bio/pharmaceutical products (vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, cell and gene therapy products, etc.) according to Pharmacopoeias, ICHQ2 R1 recommendations and other tailor-made methods.

  • Detection of mycoplasma by qPCR according to Eur Ph, chap 2.6.7 & USP <63>
  • Quantification of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA)
  • Residual DNA and residual protein detection
  • Detection of contaminants (bacteriophages, virus, pathogen, etc.)
  • Quantitative detection of impurities or residues (ELISA)
  • Determination of total proteins according to Eur Ph 2.5.33
  • Implementation of custom method

Many other molecular biology tests are available to detect a wide range of microbiological contaminants in your biological samples.

Business process

Our approach


People above all

A team of engineers and pharmacists specializing in chemical analysis.


Material and methods

Latest generation equipment and our proactivity in integrating rapid / alternative methods and disruptive innovation technologies.


Web support

A customer portal for monitoring tests and analyzing trends.

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At your service, we identify your needs and implement our expertise for an adapted, efficient and tailor-made service.

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