Cleaning validation

Overall control of the cleaning and disinfection processes of your premises and equipment (qualification of processes and validation of cleaning).

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ACM Pharma adapts to each need

Gathered within the Teranga group, the ACM Pharma, Cebiphar and UPS Concultants teams combine their technical (analytical and microbiological) and regulatory expertise to support you at each stage of the process :

  • Summary of requirements and regulatory framework (Europe and US)
  • Support for the development of validation strategies and their implementation
  • Organization of the steering comittee
  • Documentary writinig (validation plans, protocols, reports, etc.)
  • Return on investment: optimization of methods, grouping, “worst case”, special products…
  • Which contaminants, wich tracers to look for?
  • How to calculate the acceptance limits?
  • Training of managers and operational teams, qualification of samplers
  • Development and validation of sampling techniques
  • Development, validation and transfer of analysis methods
  • Microbiological analyzes
  • Physico-chemical analyzes: specific (HPLC, GC, etc…) and non-specific (TOC) methods
  • Analysis of samples
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Support for strategic services with very high added value


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