Environmental monitoring

In partnership with UPS Consultants, ACM Pharma offers you a wide choice of environmental tests and analyzes for clean rooms and production environments:

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Environmental tests and analyzes for clean rooms and production environments:

  • Aerobiocontamination and control of surface
  • Particulate control
  • Barometric and climatic measurements
  • Aeraulic measurements
  • Flow, uniformity, laminarity, THR
  • Filter integrity and tightness test (Emery test)
  • Development and validation of your cleaning and disinfection processes
  • Quality control of compressed and medical air (microbiology, particles, oil residues, humidity)

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Technicians trained and authorized for qualification measures



Issuance of comprehensive reports adapted to the site’s quality sysmte


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Monitoring and traceability of the material subject to the audit



Adaptability and responsiveness recognized during interventions

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