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Medical device

The microbiological analyzes of medical devices offered by ACM Pharma:

  • Control of finished products before sterilization (Bioburden) and after sterilization (sterility)
  • Bioburden according to standard ISO 11737-1 on surgical mask according to standard EN14683: 2019
  • Development and validation of methods
  • Validation of the sterilizing dose (ISO 11137-1) and dose audits (ISO 11137-2)
  • Validation of cleaning / disinfection processes
  • Control of the production environment and utilities (water, compressed air and medical)

Microbial identification

For a good control of your microbiological contaminations you are looking for : An efficient identification...

Sterility test

For optimal control of your aseptic productions, ACM Pharma offers a full range of services in accordance with BPF / GMP...

Bacterial endotoxins

Development, validation, transfert, suitability method and bacterial endotoxins testing


Development, validation, transfer, method applicability and microbial load control of medical devices intended to be sterilized

Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water

Microbiological & physicochemical analysis of water

Cleaning validation

Overall control of the cleaning and disinfection processes of your premises and equipment...

Environmental monitoring

In partnership with UPS Consultants, ACM Pharma offers you a wide choice of environmental tests and analyzes...

Physico-chemical analyzes

Each preservative system or solar filter can be used at a certain concentration whose limit is...

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