Probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics

✔ Would you like to count your probiotics, raw materials or finished products? Or enhance the activity of your probiotics or prebiotics?

👉Our teams will work with you to optimise the protocols to be implemented and offer you in vitro protocols in line with the claims to be supported.

Tailor-made support

ACM Pharma Fonderephar adapts to each need

👉 The laboratory has real expertise in the following analyses and tests:

  • Enumeration of raw materials and finished products
  • Behaviour under conditions encountered in vivo (e.g. resistance to bile acids, gastric juice, etc.)
  • Probiotic/prebiotic and pathogen/prebiotic growth kinetics
  • Probiotic/pathogen interactions :
    • Growth inhibition: inhibition diameters or growth kinetics
    • Inhibition of adhesion to eukaryotic cells
    • Modulation of cellular responses
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