ACM Pharma offers its expertise to the healthcare industries


ACM Pharma besides you since 1990

The ACM PHARMA laboratory, run by pharmacists and microbiologists, brings its know-how and over 20 years of experience to the service of the health industries (Bio / Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and Cosmetics).

Powerful equipment to meet your needs

A modern equipment park and a strong investment in Rapid Microbiological Methods


ACM Pharma adapts to the needs of its clients by offering them a range of tailor-made services ranging from product analysis to the validation of their methods, including training, auditing and consulting.
The services offered by ACM Pharma allow its customers to be assured that the device or product manufactured is placed on the market in compliance with regulatory and normative requirements.


ACM Pharma’s premises are structured into different technical sectors with a total area of ​​1500 m2.
They are made up of areas under a controlled atmosphere (classes A to D) regularly checked in accordance with the requirements of the standards in force (NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 and cGMP).

In Toulouse, Fonderephar’s laboratories are located within the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and are equipped to carry out studies on biocides (microbiology and virucide) and antimicrobial surfaces, in particular with a cell culture platform.


ACM Pharma is a team of nearly 60 people processing nearly 100,000 samples / year for more than 400 regular partners in different business sectors: Bio / Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Medical devices, Biocides, Nutraceuticals.

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Recognized expertise

Accreditations and certifications

ACM Pharma takes a quality approach, to ensure that the whole organisation and its processes meet two requirements: firstly, a total respect of legal regulation requirements of the European and International standards, and secondly, fully satisfy the customer by delivering services in accordance with their expectations.

Certificates and accreditations :

présentation organisation ACM Pharma
A rigorous organization

Computerized management and guaranteed traceability

ACM Pharma uses an intentionally recognized LIMS (STARLIMS) for sample management, from recording to transmission of results, includingthe manufacture of media, internal controls (media, environment, handling controls, etc…), sending reports in electronic format.

LIMS guarentees full traceability: customer expectations, results, planning according to technicians’ authorizations, critical equipment and media used. The final approval ensures that the analyzes run smoothly.

Electronic quality data management:

  • Document Management Internal audits and suppliers
  • Deviations and corrective / preventive actions
  • Organization, staff and training
  • Material and metrology Dashboards
A large network of partners

Our involvement in the pharmaceutical industry

The union of 3 entities A strong link between TERANGA Groupe companies to offer you a broad range of services

The independent holding company TERANGA combines the synergy of a group with the flexibility of companies on a human scale. Thanks to their complementary offers and experiences, ACM PHARMA, CEBIPHAR, and UPS CONSULTANTS constitute a leading group dedicated to healthcare industries (human and veterinary) and cosmetics throughout Europe.

These expertises are expressed in the fields of product development, technical, regulatory support, quality control, microbiology with the concern to ensure the reliability and quality of the data.

Read more about Teranga Groupe

Your personalized support for the development and control of your health products.

Your partner specialized in contamination control.

For more than 20 years, it has been developing its intervention capacities for training, consulting, auditing and technical assistance missions.

ACD Swiss is part of the TERANGA group, which draws on its 20 years of experience to provide its partners with the best possible service in the following areas: analysis, training, advice, audits and technical assistance.

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